About me

Federico Weber

I am a former Industrial Designer whose promising career in the field got suddenly disrupted by the encounter with Processing, in the early months of 2009. That got me interested in software development and generative design and in the following months I taught myself to program in P5, developed Xylem, my thesis project and first working software, and got hooked in the digital realm.

I’ve spent the last years honing my Designer and Developer skills. Working at vanGoGh ( Feb 2010 - Feb 2014 ), where starting as a junior developer I end up leading the development team. And later working at IFTTT ( Sep 2013 - Jun 2015 ) on a good part of the front-end stack.

Nowadays I work at Buffer, as a Product Engineer.

On March 14th 2012 I’ve become the father of a wonderful girl whose name is Cecilia Romana; and on the 27th of April 2015 of the gorgeous Cornelia Romana.


This website is my online scrapbook, the intention is to use it as a public repository for my findings and thoughts on technology, design, development and everything else I’m interested in at the moment. It’s completely static, generated by middleman and powered by Github pages. If you are interested in taking a look under the hood, the source code is hosted on Github.

You can reach me at federicoweber@gmail.com.